Everything you need to know about Hamburger!

The hamburger is a type of meat made that has a round shape.
They are available in different. ways because there is the use of a large variety of animals.

Origins of the term hamburger:
Although hamburger is a food born in America (USA – 1900 AD, by Danish Louiss Lassen), the etymology of the term suggests a clear European center. In fact the term “Burger” comes from “Burg”, which is  the name of many German and Austrian cities and “Amburg”(a German city).

You can eat hamburgers everywhere! 
In addition, with the advent of Mc Donald’s (and other fast food) you can buy some menu that offers hamburgers with bread, french fries and a drink. The unbelievable thing is that these menu are very cheap!

However, according some researches, the quality of these meat is different in fast food: as they don’t cost so much, their quality is lower. On the contrary, if you go to an expensive restaurant, you will taste a hamburger of high quality.

At the same, we can say that hamburger in all its varieties has reached the whole world: only in some countries such as India, the chicken burgers are preferred to beef cows, considered sacred animals.

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