How to cook vegetables?

If you love vegetables, there are different ways to cook them.

What are they?

1.  Stuffed cooking
To prepare a vegetable stew, you can use onions, carrots, turnip, and courgettes.
How to prepare these ingredients?
Cut them all in pieces of non-excessive size and place them on the fire with little liquid in a casserole. Vegetables will immediately start to release water and, thanks to the cover, the water vapor produced will remain inside and will help keep them moist. At the end of this process, vegetables will be very delicious!

2. Steaming cooking
Simple and healthy this method of cooking is very ancient and it is used mainly in oriental cuisine. Steam preserves the color and the nutritional properties of vegetables.
In steam cooking, however, no added fat is used and therefore the preparations are lighter. To better taste your vegetables, you can add some herbs.

3. Grilling cooking
Grilling vegetables makes them so tasty that it is not necessary to add a lot of ingredients: for instance, it is enough a bit of extra virgin olive oil, garlic and lemon juice.
However, some vegetables such as potatoes or carrots need a double cokking. It is recommended to be pre-cooked them: in this way they can then grill well.

4.  Boiling cooking
This method can be done in two ways: with a minimum or an abundant amount of water. But the most important thing is to add a pinch of salt. This procedure will make your vegetables more tasty!

5. Oven cooking
This is a traditional method. In addition, preparing vegetables is the oven is quite simply but you always have to keep under control the temperature of cooking.

5.  Frying
This method is the opposite of the oven cooking. It is less healthy, but very loved (for instance French Fries) by young and adults!


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