French Toast Recipe!

Have you ever eaten a French Toast?

Generally, it is a dish made up of bread immersed in beaten eggs and then fried. According to some traditions, it is mainly served for breakfast, with the adding of crunchy bacon, sausages, a little fresh fruit with whipped cream or scrambled eggs.

It can be also good for a snack or a light lunch/ dinner.
Nevertheless, French Toast is quite simple to prepare.

Let’s discover the recipe!

3 eggs (1 egg per 2 slices of bread)
Extra virgin olive oil or butter
Toast bread (you can use the bread you like)
Milk (approximately 2 spoons per egg)

Break the eggs into a bowl. Add milk and mix well the two ingredients.
Now, put the toast bread in that bowl, making it completely immersed.

Afterwards, take a frying pan and color it with of extra virgin olive oil or butter, to avoid the risk of sticking bread.
Order the slices of bread in the frying pan.
Cook on both sides until the bread is golden and crispy.

Once ready, serve on a dish your French Toast.
Now you can use your creativity, adding anything you like: salted ingredients, icing sugar or even chocolate and jam!

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